F a Q's

Looking for more information about the work that we do? This is a collection of all the questions we are asked most often, listed here for your convenience. If there is anything we didn’t cover, please let us know.

At our organization, we recognize the importance of community involvement from a young age, and we value the enthusiasm and energy that young volunteers bring to our initiatives. That’s why we have set the volunteering age limit at 18 and above. This age requirement helps ensure a safe and productive volunteering experience for both our dedicated volunteers and the Native American communities we serve. It allows volunteers to better understand the cultural nuances and responsibilities associated with our programs. We believe that starting at 18 provides an ideal balance between youthful enthusiasm and the necessary maturity to make a meaningful impact in our Native American communities. Join us today, and let’s make a positive change together!”

At Tribal Peer Support, we are always eager to explore new partnerships and fundraising opportunities that can further our mission of supporting Native American communities. If you share our passion for making a positive impact and wish to collaborate with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether you’re an organization, business, or individual interested in working together or helping us raise vital funds, we welcome your inquiries. Contact us at info@tribalpeersupport.org, and let’s discuss how we can join forces to create lasting change and empower Indigenous cultures. Together, we can make a difference that matters.

At O.P. Oshkosh Inc., we take financial transparency seriously, and we are committed to fostering trust and accountability with our supporters, partners, and the communities we serve. Our organization operates with a strong emphasis on open and honest financial practices.

We believe in transparency through and through. Our financial records are meticulously maintained, and we regularly conduct internal audits to ensure accuracy and compliance. We are dedicated to keeping our stakeholders informed about how their contributions are utilized to benefit Native American communities.

To further demonstrate our commitment to financial transparency, we provide annual reports and financial statements that detail our income, expenditures, and allocation of resources. These reports are easily accessible to the public and can be requested by reaching out to us at info@tribalpeersupport.org.

We understand that transparency is the foundation of trust, and we are proud to uphold these principles to maintain the confidence and support of our donors, partners, and the Indigenous communities we work alongside. Your trust in us is invaluable, and we are committed to using your contributions effectively and responsibly to empower and uplift Native American communities.